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El Kanah Marysville

The Goals

1. Provide a solution to the original design of airconditioning condensing units on each balcony of their 23 accommodation rooms. And then removing units from balconies avoided unsightly views from the road.

2. With efficiency and sustainability in mind, recommendation of card readers in accommodation rooms to ensure no heating & cooling units can be left running whilst guests are not in their rooms.

El Kanah Marysville is a large resort, offering a wide range of accommodation and services in Marysville, approximately 1hr 45mins drive North East of Melbourne.

AES were engaged to complete the mechanical services on the project including all Heating, cooling and ventilation (HVAC) works.

There are 23x accommodation rooms and larger areas including Dining hall, 2x guest lounges, Conference room, games room and kitchen.

Initially when we quoted the project it had been designed with a single stand-alone wall mounted split system to service each accommodation room and ducted units for the larger areas. Through discussions with our client we established they were not happy with the idea of an airconditioning outdoor unit on each balcony. Not only would this take away from the aesthetics of the building from the road, it would also significantly reduce the amount of space guest could enjoy on the balconies.

After hearing our clients concerns AES suggested an alternative proposal. Delete all split systems and replace with 2x Mitsubishi Electric VRF City Multi systems. This system would provide many advantages;

- Capacity to run all accommodation rooms from only 2 outdoor units

- Longer pipe runs from indoor units meaning the outdoor units could be located behind the building, out of sight.

- Swipe card facility suited for accommodation rooms (Guests insert their swipe card on entry to the room which then provides power for the A/C unit to turn on). This also prevents unnecessary power usage from guests leaving airconditioning on when they had left the room.

Despite such significant changes to the original scope of works, the project was handed over on time and within budget.

On completion, the builder said the words we love to hear the most, "we'll look forward to working with you guys on the next one!".

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